Teresa Wells




Bronze on granite base




Please click the link below if you would like to preview a short video of the sculpture

Teresa Wells | Gaia


In greek mythology Gaia is the embodiment of the earth, and one of the first greek gods or goddesses born from the void of chaos, she is the ancestral mother of all life.

Inspired by the question ‘How do Humans Behave?’, and in particular man’s survival over adversity,  Teresa WellsMRSS conceived the bronze ‘Gaia’, 2018.  

At 1:6 human scale with a cupric and ferric patina,  mounted on a granite base,  Teresa draws inspiration from material metaphors, and the contours of dancers to illustrate physical strength, combining the classical ballet pose of Cambre en Arriere with the Vaganova hand position, to symbolically create a powerful and spiritual reference to man’s existence on earth.