John Piper (1903-1992)

Original Ceramic


John Piper Original Ceramic.tile

THE CERAMIC TILE - MINT CONDITION ARTWORK BY JOHN PIPER . 1983 Commemoratives hand-made exclusively for the Tate Gallery. One exquisite ceramic tile - hand produced from original designs by John Piper. The tile were produced by silk screen, with Piper's signature in the plates. The tile is impressed with the Fulham pottery mark on the reverse side .The tile dates from 1983, when the Tate Gallery brought together the renowned pottery and artist to create these "Foliate Head' tiles. I believe four foliate head designs were produced. They measure 6-3/8 x 6-1/2". Fulham Pottery is among the oldest and most distinguished potters in Britain - makers of earthenware since the 1600s. Their collaboration with the celebrated British modern artist, John Piper, resulted in a strikingly successful interpretation of modern art through a traditional craft. Piper's designs are earthbound, perfectly suited for the medium. The 1983 tiles are now highly sought by collectors. This tile is in excellent condition: no cracks, crazing or soiling; no chips to the glaze . Edges are clean and unworn.